CO2 traffic light improves safety in the hearing room


CO2 traffic light improves safety in the hearing room

WERMA traffic light set supports correct ventilation in the Tuttlingen district court

The district court in Tuttlingen, Germany has recently installed a clever CO2 traffic light made by WEMRA Signaltechnik, based in Rietheim-Weilheim. It now provides the greatest possible safety for all those present. The traffic light set continuously measures the current carbon dioxide (CO2) concentration in the ambient air. Its three traffic light colours accurately indicate whether or precisely when it is time to air the room in accordance with recommendations from the Federal Environment Agency.

This regular ventilation is intended to protect all persons compelled to remain in closed rooms for longer periods of time from a COVID-19 infection and other infectious diseases. It also improves concentration and performance.

Green light in the hearing room

"We have a large hearing room in which negotiations take place before the criminal judge and the court of lay assessors,” says Thomas Straub, director of the district court in Tuttlingen. "During the pandemic, negotiations are regularly interrupted for cross ventilation in order to prevent aerosols from infecting those present." This was insufficient for the Tuttlingen district court. Director Straub reports that a small CO2 measuring device was ordered and mounted on the table in front of the judge’s bench. “Unfortunately, the LED status indicator lights were so tiny that we often failed to noticed that the light had changed from green to yellow or red."


For this reason, the Tuttlingen district court started looking for alternative solutions and found what they needed almost on their own doorstep: "We read about WERMA’s new CO2 traffic light in the newspaper and were immediately convinced - no one could overlook those signals."


Clever, safe and visible from any angle

WERMA's CO2 traffic light has now been installed in the Tuttlingen hearing room. It continuously measures the current CO2 concentration in the ambient air and displays the results using the three traffic light colours - in accordance with official recommendations from the Federal Environmental Agency:

  • If the CO2concentration is below 1000 ppm, the traffic light is green, indicating that the air quality is OK.
  • If the CO2concentration exceeds 1000 ppm, the traffic light turns yellow and indicates that ventilation is recommended.
  • The red signal indicates that significant ventilation is necessary as the CO2concentration is above 2000 ppm.
  • If the limit of 3000 ppm is exceeded, a red flashing light indicates an acute need for ventilation.


Director Straub is delighted that the CO2 traffic light is working so well and has been very well accepted: "The traffic light is clear, easy to understand and needs no explanation. All parties involved in the proceedings can immediately see when the traffic light signal changes to yellow and ventilation is necessary." In addition, the signals are clearly visible from all sides thanks to 360-degree illumination. The extremely bright LEDs guarantee that they are clearly visible even in direct sunlight and bright surroundings.


Long-term investment

Thomas Straub is delighted with how easy it was to order and commission the system: "We ordered the traffic light online from WERMA on Tuesday and installed it here on Wednesday. Incredible!" WERMA's solution consists of a 3-tier signal tower. It is ready to use immediately and very easy to install thanks to Plug & Play capabilities: simply plug in the supplied power supply unit, wait until self-calibration has been completed and the traffic light is ready for use.


Ideally, the CO2 traffic light should be placed in the middle of the room, i.e. not too close to a window and not higher than 2 metres from the floor. Since carbon dioxide is distributed fairly evenly throughout the room, one traffic light is sufficient for most rooms. Two traffic lights are recommended in larger conference rooms or sports halls.


Thomas Straub is certain that the CO2 traffic light is not a short-term investment, but will be a permanent advantage in the hearing room: "Because low CO2 content in the room not only protects against infection, but also improves the concentration and performance of all those present." He concludes: "This traffic light simply puts everyone at their ease and makes them feel safe - actually very important at present."




Figure 1: The CO2 traffic light indicates the current CO2 content in the ambient air and uses three colours to clearly show whether or not ventilation is necessary.



Figure 2: Thomas Straub, director of the Tuttlingen district court and his colleague are delighted that the safety of everyone present is ensured thanks to WERMA's CO2 traffic light.

For more information regarding the CO2 traffic light click here.

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