21st Century Enterprise Asset Management

Finally a way to easily organize and manage your assets for the modern professional.

Asset Management
world class enterprise asset management


Frustrated with trying to organize the chaotic mess of company's equipment, wondering if the equipment has been properly taken care of, not knowing what they cost to maintain and all the other headaches that come with managing assets?

Limble CMMS's Enterprise Asset Management module can be used for anywhere between 10 to 100,000 Assets, allowing you to track exactly what you want, the way you want to, in an easy-to-use and searchable tree structure.

  •  Know the health of your assets at every point of time and what they are costing you.
  •  View complete and detailed Maintenance Logs.
  •  Track only what you want with unlimited custom fields.
  •  Organize your assets in a clear parent-to-child hierarchy.
  •  View real-time, granular reporting with KPIs such as MTTR, MTBF, etc.
  •  Find information quickly and easily with QR Codes (bar codes).
  •  Receive real-time asset data with sensor connectivity.



Tired of trying to fit everything you need in a crowded excel sheet? Sick of complicated and crowded software that forces you to cram your asset information in set static fields? Frustrated of complicated software that requires you to visit 5 different screens just to do a simple task?

We designed Limble's Enterprise Asset Management to solve those problems.

  •  Track only what you want. With our simple and completely customizable fields you can track location, make, model, manuals, pictures, mileage, hours run, meter readings and any other information that is important to your company. You're only limited by your imagination.
  •  Centralized Asset Card. In one easy-to-use spot, view everything related to your asset. View Asset Information, Work Orders, Preventative Maintenance, logs and reports.
  •  Complete and detailed Maintenance Log for every Asset. View all past Work Orders, PMs and Work Requests in one easy-to-navigate screen on mobile or desktop, allowing for faster diagnostics and an actionable audit trail.
  •  Real-Time reporting. Know exactly how much a single asset or group of assets is costing you, how quickly they are getting repaired (MTTR), how often they are breaking down (MTBF), what parts have been used on them and how much time has been spent maintaining them.
  •  Bar codes for easy identification. Mark your assets with a unique QR code so your team can instantly look up the asset in the field. No hardware is required.
  •  Requires little to no training to use. Asset Card Walk through

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