Free-Standing Luminaire LAVIGO

Lighting in the office should be adapted to individual needs and activities, which change every now and then throughout the day. Proper lighting is indispensable for fatigue-free work when switching between computer work, reading on paper and using mobile devices. Balanced lighting enhances vision and visual comfort. Intelligent sensors not only consider the influence of daylight but also the presence at the workplace, in order to avoid unnecessary energy consumption. Biodynamic light additionally supports the employees' well-being.

LAVIGO 6000 lm / 9000 lm
- Performance level for classical lighting requirements
- Optimised ratio of direct to indirect light for standard-compliant illumination
- Easy-to-reach, multifunctional operating element
- Retrofittable with TALK module for luminaires with sensor

Luminaire type

LED free-standing luminaire with multifunctional switch and removable luminaire head; Glare-free technology with concial prismatic screen incl. Light Forming Technology


lighting for work and rooms

Mounting methods

Mobile and flexible positioning in the room and at the workplace

Special feature

  • luminaire head detachable
  • Cradle to Cradle Certified TM
  • Direct light component with edge light and light-guide technology for homogenous light exit
  • Flicker-free
  • integrated light and presence sensor PIR
  • retrofittable with TALK module
  • separated; direct and indirect light individually adjustable
Order No. Desc.
121826000-00803392 DPS 6000/840/R/G2 - 48 W / 5950 lm
121826000-00803393 DPS 6000/840/R/G2 - 48 W / 5950 lm
121836000-00807248 DPS 9000/840/D/G2 - 66 W / 8950 lm
121836000-00807247 DPS 9000/840/DG2 - 66 W / 8950 lm
121825000-00803363 DPS 9000/840/R/G2 - 66 W / 8950 lm
121825000-00803364 DPS 9000/840/R/G2 - 66 W / 8950 lm

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