Safety sensors for industrial use

Pilz offers a wide range of safety sensors that conform to international standards and have been tested by certification bodies.

Sensor Technology
The optimum solution for your application: Safety switches for monitoring positions and guards, optical sensors such as light barriers or camera systems for monitoring areas and zones.

Safety sensors for industrial use

Pilz offers a wide range of safety sensors that conform to international standards and have been tested by certification bodies. Our sensor technology portfolio includes safety switches for monitoring positions, as well as guards. Optical sensors are ideally suited for area and zone monitoring. Choose from our wide range of light barriers, camera systems or tactile sensors, such as pressure-sensitive safety mats.

Use our safe sensors in conjunction with our safe control technology! What you’ll get from Pilz is a complete solution that’s economical and safe. As well as guaranteeing high efficiency for plants in an industrial environment, it is also especially important for us as a sensor manufacturer to protect humans, machinery and the environment.

Intelligent sensor technology: Holistic thinking. Modular solutions.

With our industrial safety sensors, you're always on the safe side! Today, production is very agile, that is it changes rapidly. Flexible, adaptable sensors are needed as a result.

To be ideally equipped for the increased requirements in the modern, smart factory, our sensor technology has evolved into intelligent systems that can be used to implement a wide range of solutions. Whether mechanical, magnetic, RFID, optical or camera-based: Our safety sensors always focus on productivity and user-friendliness.

Whichever industrial sensor you decide to choose: in conjunction with our controllers, the right drive technology and visualisation, what you get is a safe, economical and complete one-stop solution. And the best thing about it is: Our solutions are individually expandable, so that you benefit from high flexibility!

Sensors for every requirement – Benefits to you

  • Safety sensors for a wide variety of applications
  • The most diverse technologies – e.g. mechanical, magnetic, RFID, optical or camera-based
  • High availability and productivity with maximum safety
  • Focus on performance, robustness and simple operation
  • Time and cost saving during project design and commissioning
  • Safety and quality thanks to certification in accordance with international standards and testing by certification bodies
  • Protection for your investment thanks to compatibility with products and interfaces from other manufacturers

Our product range: Safety sensors

Devices for position monitoring - With the safe rope pull switch PSENrope you allow a safe emergency stop at each point of the conveyor. The encoder PSENenco is used to determine position and speed.


Safety switches - The safety switches PSENmech, PSENmag, PSENcode, PSENhinge and the safety bolt PSENbolt are available with various designs and operating principles. They can be used even in difficult environmental conditions.


Safety gate systems - The safety gate systems PSENslock and PSENsgate from our sensor technology portfolio include all the safety functions needed to monitor safety gates in the smallest possible space. Safe position monitoring, guard locking and monitoring for broken bolts/pins are all contained in one system!


Optoelectronic sensors - Safeguard your plant and machinery with optoelectronic sensors! Our portfolio comprises the light barriers PSENopt and the safety laser scanner PSENscan.


Safe camera systems - SafetyEYE is the world’s first “seeing” safety technology for 3D zone monitoring. The camera-based protection system PSENvip is a mobile protection system for safe monitoring and control of press brakes.


Safe radar systems - Thanks to its insensitivity to external influences you can use the LBK System to safely monitor danger zones even outdoors or in heavy industry.


Software - Our software tools in the sensor technology range provide support during the design and programming of your sensor technology products from Pilz. We offer you e.g. tools for the PSENopt Advanced light barriers or the safe camera system SafetyEYE.


Training system sensor technology - Safeguard a dangerous movement. Safeguarding dangerous movements with different safety functions can be learned by using the three versions of the PES - Sensor board. Always work according to the specifications of the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

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