series "C" cable reels

Series CR (LIVE) Cable Reels - Motor Powered Rewind & Manually Hand Crank
Model: CR1600 � ECR1600 � CR6600 � ECR6600 To handle live electric cord or cable.

To handle live electric cable.

  • 3-conductor, 45-amp, 600-volt collector assembly with #8 gauge wiring.
  • Double brushes per circuit. Brushes are copper graphite, copper alloy rings.
  • Additional conductors or higher amperage (up to 100 amps) are available at extra cost, must be specified. (300 amps possible with custom design.)
  • Silver collector assemblies are available.
  • Rollers and roller mounting brackets are accessory items. Specify roller position.

Series CR1600 • Removable direct crank rewind. • Adjustable cam-lock drag brake.

Series ECR1600* • Optional strap brake is available. • Some roller options may prohibit the use of our molded chain guard.

Series CR6600 • Gear-driven crank rewind.

Series ECR6600 • Chain and sprocket drive powered by electric, compressed air or hydraulic motor. • Auxiliary rewind and pinion brake standard. • Consult factory for other brakes. • Optional chain guards are available upon request.

Ordering Manufacturing Part Number:

Manually Hand Crank Rewind Electric Motor Powered Rewind  Air Motor Powered Rewind  Hydraulic Motor Powered Rewind
CR1614-17-18 ACR1614-17-18 ECR1614-17-18 HDCR1614-17-18
CR1616-17-18 ACR1616-17-18 ECR1616-17-18 HDCR1616-17-18
CR1618-17-18 ACR1618-17-18 ECR1618-17-18 HDCR1618-17-18
CR1620-17-18 ACR1620-17-18 ECR1620-17-18 HDCR1620-17-18
CR6614-19-20 ACR6614-19-20 ECR6614-19-20 HDCR6614-19-20
CR6614-23-24 ACR6614-23-24 ECR6614-23-24 HDCR6614-23-24
CR6614-25-26 ACR6614-25-26 ECR6614-25-26 HDCR6614-25-26



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