TAUREO - Flexible lighting with system

In a production building, various lighting situations are required to suit each of the various tasks requiring good visibility. That is why requirements-based lighting is so immensely important in terms of workplace safety and productivity, and also to provide the appropriate light colour, illumination value and radiated light characteristics with optimum glare reduction for every situation. For this, we offer you solutions with state-of-the-art and power-saving lighting technology that also delivers conviction in terms of ease of maintenance, durability and modularity. Our lighting solutions are reliable because they are specifically designed for the special needs of industrial environments. Even in dirty areas or at high ambient temperatures, they are remarkably robust. To ensure that everything is shown in the right light in every part of an industrial building.

TAUREO emphasises the importance of Waldmann as quality brand for high-quality lighting solutions at the workplace: Via this new LED continuous-row system, the Engineers of Light addresses the hall lighting topic and supplements his concept of intelligent lighting solutions for industry by another convincing component.As a modular system, TAUREO offers the suitable light in each case for different requirements, such as those found, for example, in productions halls, logistics halls, storage halls or cooling facilities. Thanks to its system character, TAUREO adapts itself also very easily to changed conditions.
  • Light modules with premium LEDs

  • Variants of up to 4 700 lumen

  • Ambient temperature up to + 55 ° C

  • Energy saving of 50 % compared with conventional luminaires

  • Maintenance-free: LED service life up to 60 000 hours (L80B10) and more

  • Continuous dimming and daylight and presence sensors as option

  • Maximum flexibility through modular design

  • Optimum thermal management with intelligent overheating protection

  • Patented optics for precise light deflection and different beam characteristics

  • Time- and cost-saving putting into operation through torsion-resistant and intelligent mounting profiles

  • High-quality processing according to Waldmann quality standards

  • 5-year system warranty

  • 20-year spare part warranty

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